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Default dumb clothesline?

willshak wrote:
on 7/11/2009 12:58 AM (ET) Winston wrote the following:


Maybe something like this, driven by a garage door opener?


Patent filed in 1949? How come I've never seen one?

Type a random number and see if you can find it at Wally World:

I guess there was no one around like Billy Mays then, I guess. :-)

I don't think the 'clothesline hoist' has the necessary 'WOW' factor.

This appears to be hand operated. Line #18 is pulled through pulley #17
to raise the clothes line pulley (#14) and then tied off at #20.
It must have been hard to raise that heavily loaded #14 pulley. It might
have needed some extra pulleys between #17 and #20 to ease the raising.
I'll get on that right away. :-)

I think I would make pulley #17 much larger in diameter
to decrease the stress riser in the line.
I would parallel the lifting line with a counterweight
inside support #1. (Think 'sash weight')

The counterweight would tend to lift the loaded
clothesline by itself. The user might only need to
provide half the 'lift' necessary. A second line
attached to #8 would allow the user to lower the line
for use.

Report back with links to pictures of your prototype!