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Default dumb clothesline?

Ken S. Tucker wrote:
Wife ordered a clothesline installed.
After inspection all's well except I/we figure we need a
'clotheline elevator' something like here,

The idea is she hangs clothes at hip height off a
1 foot platform, then hoists them up ~ 3 - 4'.

I'm a DIYer, so I'm also happy to build the unit,
so I'm asking for suggestions and best product

I get a 'technical error' message from the web site, when I try to hit
that link. Your wife has troubles hanging things on a normal 6' off the
ground line? (not uncommon, for various reasons.) Using KISS principle,
one short pole and one tall pole, plus each line on a pair of pulleys,
seems to be the least Rube Goldberg solution. Hang an item, then tug the
rope, etc. You either need a wider-than-normal set of cross-arms and
extra ropes, or a longer distance between poles, since you lose a lot of
hanging space on the low end.

I also like the (lack of) smell on things dried outdoors, and the feel
of them. My mother dried clothes that way when I was a kid, when weather
allowed. However, back then and more recently, I have noted that if you
have a bird feeder within 50 feet or so (or an in-season cherry or
mulberry tree), hanging clothes outside doesn't work so well. They end
up with lotsa bird stains.

I have a couple line poles in the yard here, but I have never bothered
to restring them, since I have feeders and mulberry trees. Plus, idiot
previous owner put the poles in a shady, wind-sheltered part of the
yard, and it has never seemed worth the bother to uproot and move them.
And having a day job plus errands to run on weekends, I also seldom do
laundry before late in the day, so finding hanging time in daylight
would be difficult.

aem sends....