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Default WhirlPool Refrigerator Shelf Stud Retention?

The front right shelf support stud, which supports the top crisper and
bottom shelf, broke on our twelve-year-old ED25TQXEW00

However, after extracting the old stud with much cursing and puffing
of breath, I find that the new stud is not securely retained. It's
possible that I messed something up removing the old stud, as it
would not pull directly out without what seemed like excessive
force and the construction of the new one looked like there
might be a 30 degree twist involved or some such.

So how do I insert the new stud so that it will stay? I'm
considering using a quick setting epoxy (quick setting to counteract
the cold environment) but I fear going that route, because if I'm
wrong, removing the epoxy would probably be a nightmare.

Starting a new thread, because Google apparently thinks the original
thread from May is too old to reply to. I swear Google assigns their
stupidest employees to Group software development. And my ISP dropped
Usenet so a real newsreader is out. Sigh.

Anyway, I went to Home Depot, consulted with the nice man in the paint/
glue department and used GOOP Plumbing, which comes on a purple card
and set me back about $5. I followed the instructions which are
basically to apply to both surfaces and wait a few minutes. So I put
some in the hole, and applied some to the shaft of the new shelf stud,
waited a few minutes and inserted the new stud.

Then we waited one full week before putting any weight on the stud.
That was probably excessive, but given the lower temperature, we
wanted to be sure the thing really had time to cure. Plus it hardens
by exuding solvents and the refrigerator wall is kind of an enclosed
space for solvent emissions. So anyway, we waited a week.

Then we reinstalled the shelf and hung the top crisper from it, and
it's been holding up solidly for a couple of months of use now. So
the Goop:Plumbing seems to be a good choice.