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Default Hornets have a good work ethic

ShadowTek wrote:

gpsman wrote:

(I've never had hornets react to a flashlight.)

I knew somebody that parked his car close to a nest at night so that he
could use his headlights to see while he sprayed the nest. After
spraying, he said they all came out and went directly for the headlights
of the car.

Devils advocate here-- were they going towards the light, the heat,
the noise, or the CO? My gut thinks the heat- as a car engine would
be the warmest body in range. I've seen ground bees attack a
running riding mower when I got off and stood back 20 feet or so to
spray the nest I just ran over.

[Neighbor and I were just talking yesterday about the lack of ground
bees for the past couple years. . . same fate as honeybees? too much
rain? or did we just get them under control?]