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Default Paint overspray prevention?

On Jul 8, 7:42*am, "Percival P. Cassidy" wrote:
ransley wrote:
On Jul 7, 8:13 pm, "Percival P. Cassidy" wrote:
I have not so far used my Magnum paint sprayer, but when my wife
mentioned to our neighbor that I was planning to use it to paint our
wood siding, she (the neighbor) expressed great concern that the
overspray would pollute their new-last-year vinyl siding. Our end walls
face each other about 20ft apart.

I am planning to practice first on our shed, which is well away from
their house, but are there any general tips for preventing overspray? --
apart from the obvious warning not to spray when the wind is blowing in
their direction. I'll be using latex paints, if that makes a difference.

Ive sprayed many jobs, at least 400-450 gallons through my Titan, once
I was spraying my place in no real wind, my car was 60-70 ft away so I
made sure it was calm out, but it got sprayed with oil stain, luckily
we noticed it and had hand cleaner on hand and the oil had not cured.
20 ft away, you dont practice your spraying as you say you will, you
dont spray with anything 20 ft away unless you know the wind is
blowing the other way All the time. Id suggest you get 100ft of
plastic drops or do what is normal, Roll it with a 5 gal bucket,,
screen, and 1 1/4" roller. You could get a roller atachment for the
sprayer but I can roll just as fast with a bucket and thick nap
roller. *You ask what do people do with all the sprayers they buy,
they make alot of mistakes. I own my sprayer and used to paint 20-30
houses a summer, I could only use the sprayer maybe once a year
outside, it got 10x more use inside on complete rehabs. Dust her fence
with your product and if its a plastic white fence you Owe her a New
fence, if its already painted you owe her a full paint job. I dont
think you have thousands to waste or want an enemy.

No fence on which to get paint.

As you say, a roller attachment is available for this sprayer, but the
Graco Web site suggests that it is only for indoor jobs. Any reason it
would not be recommended for outdoor use?

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Probably its low nap maybe 1/2" like mine, if fence is smooth it might
work, but a roller and bucket does work, maybe return the sprayer and
buy a TV or new monitor.