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Default OT (sorta' there's a repair involved, just not home) : Vintage Chevy truck parts

In article ,
dpb wrote:

I seem to have lost all track of the old catalogs and google didn't
raise anybody I recognized from the past....

Well, you could try some place that you don't recognize from the past. I
had a '72 for a while there, and found a few places that were honest and
reasonable, via web search. Don't remember now who they were, though. Or
you could buy a hard copy of Hemming's down at the magazine rack and
look through the dealer ads ...

'58 Chevy C60 (quite a lot bigger brother to a C10/20 but same cab
style, etc., just running gear is a lot heavier) ...

I'm fed up w/ no odometer and speedometer to a certain point but the
real want is the gas tank level sending unit--they're a metallic
conductive strip that eventually breaks resulting in an "always full"
indication. I've never known exactly what they are made of; a braze
"repair" job of one on the other truck wasn't entirely satisfactory;
screwed up calibration something fierce...

So, the question is; anybody here have good source for vintage Chevy
truck parts...