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Default Size of concrete mixer and water to add?

"Ralph Mowery" wrote:

"ransley" wrote in message
On Jul 7, 4:37 pm, "scorpionleather" wrote:
I'm a newbie to pouring larger quantities of concrete/mortar/cement. I
a batch I'll need to mix of 3 100 lb bags white portland cement and 5 100
bags of tiny pebbles. What is the smallest size mixer I can rent that will
do this batch all at once? The local rental has 6 cu ft and 9 cu ft
tow-behind mixers. How much water should I add initially? I am afraid of
accidentally adding too much water or if I'm too cautious and add it too
slowly maybe it would take away a bit from my troweling working time. How
long to leave it spinning round the mixer?

No sand?, save money and have it delivered mixed.

That is way less than one yard of concrete. Unless you know someone that
will bring out some leftover mix, you will pay for several yards to get any
ammount delivered. I think around here it used to be a charge of around 3
to 4 yards or they added around the cost of an extra yard for delivery of a
small load.

Probably too late for the OP- but there are lots of places who
specialize in short loads these days. Less than a yard will cost
about what 2-3yards ought to cost--- but may still be less than
portland/aggregate/sand and renting a humongous mixer.

And it is infinitely easier and more reliable. Once it is poured,
all you need to do is take care of the mix- not clean up the rental
equipment and return it.