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Default Repair rough spot ("chip") in granite countertop

We have a variegated red/orange/gray/black granite countertop. While
cleaning it, I notice a couple of small (dime size) very shallow
depressions with a rough surface. I'm not sure if it is due to a
"chip" or if it is a natural defect -- either way it disturbs the
smooth polished surface.

Neither my wife or I are aware of how it happened but it probably was
damaged by the previous homeowner or came that way.

I know that you can pay an installer big $$$$ to fix it, but I am
looking for a DIY approach. In fact, the chips are not bad enough to
be worth the multiple hundreds of dollars that I believe a pro will
charge to come to my house.

Some people have recommended an "acrylic" patch kit that is UV cured
and then polished. One example is "ProCaliber Products Granite &
Marble Acrylic Pro Repair Kit - Clear LCA Paste" -- (See

It seems like the "pros" use epoxy and granite dust but I haven't
found a kit online.

- Any experiences or recommendations in DIY repair of such chips and
defects in granite countertops?
- Are there any DIY kits or methods that truly give professional-like
results that make the patch (almost) invisible?