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Default Paint overspray prevention?

benick wrote:

I have not so far used my Magnum paint sprayer, but when my wife
mentioned to our neighbor that I was planning to use it to paint our
wood siding, she (the neighbor) expressed great concern that the
overspray would pollute their new-last-year vinyl siding. Our end
walls face each other about 20ft apart.

I am planning to practice first on our shed, which is well away from
their house, but are there any general tips for preventing overspray?
-- apart from the obvious warning not to spray when the wind is
blowing in their direction. I'll be using latex paints, if that makes
a difference.

20 ft apart ??? FORGET IT...Unless you'ld like to buy your neighbor new
siding....With neighbors that close you can forget about any outside
spraying..You'll be paying for car damage as well as new siding...

Even with an airless sprayer?

So who uses these sprayers that are on sale "everywhere" if they are
unsuitable for use in ordinary subdivisions?