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Default Central Air Unit Not Cooling House

Steve Stone wrote:

I hope you get stuck with the worst hack out there,
he rapes you for a few thousand ,
and then it breaks again 2 days later.

There would be less name calling and negative attitudes from home owners
if the HVAC "pros"
charged a fair price rather than whatever the market will bear and then

I had my central A/C installed by a HVAC pro,
he retired,
sold out to a mega HVAC company hack,
and I saw first hand the dark side of the trade.

I don't think I'd ever give my business to anyone named "bubba"

Believe me, the names of the thieves gets out there
quickly. If all the HVAC techs you talk to mention
one company, you can bet on that outfit being real
crooks. Most of the time a tech won't badmouth another
company. You may hear, "Yea, I know them, they're
high(expensive)." Large companies with shiny new trucks
have a high overhead and higher prices. The larger
companies get customers with a low service call price
but hook them into a service contract which may wind
up costing the customer more money in the long run.
Me and my friends especially despise companies that
prey on old folks. I know of one guy who laughed at
an old couple he sold a new system to, the only problem
with their old system was a loose blower door. There's
a fellow in Maryland who has a good website with a lot
of practical information.