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Default Bad bushings or capacitor dinasour rheem

Wow so great Thank you for your time and feedback Illbebauck, Heybub,
Eric, Bigbob.
Yea really everything needs replaced at once due to the line
replacement. but broke sooo
Today owner of the company came out ( they do commercial mostly )
with tech and said the disconnect was "not holding the fuses" they
replaced it at no charge. They were going to credit me back the ac
repair if I even just installed the furnace.
The mighty aged beast hath risen, for the moment.
6 visits total from 3 companies and almost a different diagnosis each
Meanwhile yea no home equity loan has been landed yet but has been in
the works so learning to save fast.
I copied the ac vs furnace info - le tech wrote it down wrong ha just
goes to show thanks for pointing that out will note its flipped!
We laughed when he told us it was from 1979 - can you remember where
you were then?
I want to sell within a year and
a. get off the grid
b. get off the grid
c. get off the grid
waiting for those magnetic generators or maybe ill go with the solar
panels and wind