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Default Central Air Unit Not Cooling House

Take your tester, and see if it's getting power. Note: Don't
open any cover boxes, or take off any metal panels, while
doing thing. From your post, it sounds like you aren't very
repair skilled, and there's no sense getting hurt.

Then, call your friends and neighbors. See which HVAC
service company they use, and which one has been honest in
the past.

Christopher A. Young
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"brendan mowgli" BrendanMowgli[at]gmail[dot]com wrote in
I have 2 units- one upstairs and one downstairs-

The upstairs is blowing- I feel the air blowing- the
thingamabob outside
(can't think of the name) is operating, but no cold air. I
did notice that
there's no water being pumped out.

I hear its the compressor, but hopefully it's something
else. Is there a
few other checks I can do before I call the rapis- I mean
the HVAC guy?


brendan mowgli