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Default Central Air Unit Not Cooling House

On Tue, 30 Jun 2009 05:30:57 -0500, brendan mowgli
BrendanMowgli[at]gmail[dot]com wrote:

I have 2 units- one upstairs and one downstairs-

The upstairs is blowing- I feel the air blowing- the thingamabob outside
(can't think of the name) is operating, but no cold air. I did notice that
there's no water being pumped out.

I hear its the compressor, but hopefully it's something else. Is there a
few other checks I can do before I call the rapis- I mean the HVAC guy?


It could be many different things. I would guess from your
technological language (thingamabob) that it might be best in this
case to contact a local professional to check out the problem.