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Default A/C Motor Start Capacitors - Where To Buy?

I curious on what he's going to do when the start cap doesn't fix the
problem. Here in St. Louis there is a no return policy on electrical parts.

"Stormin Mormon" wrote in message
I get mine, at my local HVAC parts wholesale house. All you
have to do is get your EPA card, establish a business, get a
sales tax number, and go into the trade. No problem.

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"SMcK" wrote in message

The A/C is not working. Last time this happened the
neighborhood A/C
repair guy showed me how to replace the motor start
capacitor. He
happened to have one in his truck. I'd just as soon not
bother him
again. If I can pull the suspect capacitor and get the
specs off it,
where would a guy get a replacement without going the mail