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Default "treated" wood

"Lee Michaels" wrote in message

"Tom Veatch" wrote

I've always found it very simple and easy to design and lay out the
steps on a 2x using the formula "2 x Rise + Run = 26 to 28 inches".
Makes for a set of comfortable steps which can be made to fit most any
location and have equal rise and run for each step.

Yep, that is what the old framers square is for. I wonder if very many
folks these days know how to mark and cut some steps the old fashioned
way? It wasn't long ago that this was a common skill.

Somewhere is a book of yore on the many uses of the framing square. Mine has
been lost for about 20 years. I'm sure there are reprints available on the
web, but I've been too limited of access lately to look it up.

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