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Default How to Remove Fence Panel Without Breaking?

Davy wrote:
Stuart Noble wrote in

Davy wrote:
I need to remove some fence panels that were erected on
earth without gravel boards by the previous owner of my
I will install gravel boards and then re-use the panels.

The panels are nailed into the posts. Can anyone
recommend a method for removing the panels without
damaging them. I have tried running a loose hacksaw blade
down the sides of the panels but the panels are such a
tight fit that the blade jams and buckles. My jigsaw does
not have long enough blades and if it did they would
probably jam and buckle also.



Aren't the heads of the nails accessible?

Stuart, the heads of the nails are driven flush into the
softwood edge strips.

You could try prizing the edge strip away from the post, then knocking it
back, often the nails heads will pop enough for you to get a pry bar on.

Failing that, buy a Shark pry bar like this

Larger B&Q's sell them. I've not found anything that works as well as this
brand. You can hammer the prongs under the nail & lever it out.

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