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Default HP case on/off switch - sticky

Jeff Liebermann wrote:

Anyone here have any good ideas to repair a HP computer case ON/OFF

Nope. Without a model number, I can't tell what style of switch
you're trying to fix.

Don't have a model number. It was built by a third party using mainly
HP parts. Belarc reports HP Pavilion 061 PL308AA-ABA a735w 0nB1211RE101KELUT00
It's got about a 1" square opening for the switch, which turns blue upon
power on.

On start up, it seems to get stuck behind the lip of the front
panel, turning the computer OFF after a few seconds. It only started
doing this after two years of use. A thin letter opener freeing the
switch *quickly* does stop the shutdown. Thanks.

Don't pry on it with the letter opener. Tear apart the front panel
and clean out the dirt, dust, sand, hair, fur, food, crud, etc that's
between the plastic switch plunger and the case. Sometimes the tiny
push button switch behind the plastic button gets encrusted with crud
and becomes sticky. HP has disassembly instructions on their web
pile. However, without a model number, you're on your own.

Looked but could not find. Pile is a good description. Got a link? You
sayin' I can blame the cat for this?