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Default A sticky problem

On Nov 5, 6:52*am, "
On Nov 2, 10:35*pm, Pat wrote:

On Nov 2, 8:38*pm, Nate Nagel wrote:

Pat wrote:
I just ripped up some one old one-piece vinyl flooring. *Around the
edges, it was glued down.

There's residual glue when the flooring came up. *I'm going to put
down self-stick 12x12 squares. *I was just wondering if anyone knew if
the glue would cause any problems of if I should go get some glue
remover and take it down to the wood.



I'd get as much up as I could. *How hard is the glue and could you just
scrape or sand it off?


replace "roosters" with "cox" to reply.

It's not rigid. *It's like a super-adhesive rubber cement.

It won't be easy to get up if you can get it up at all.
Lowes has a **** scraper, as big as a shovel but just a big ol piece
of flat steel, you can sharpen and edge on it.
More than lilely it will tear up the surface of the wood.
Screw 3/8" plywood down, putty the seams, let dry for a couple days,
sand the seams with a belt sander.
Don't use stick ons, get the rolled stuff at Lowes - buy it a little
bigger than you need.
Remove the baseborad, install the roll - trim to fit, reinstall the
If this is a rental property you'll thank me.

I found this stuff called "Goo Off" or "Goop Off" or something like
that. It came in a gallon can for about $30. I bought a little spray
bottle for about a buck. I sprayed that stuff on and the glue just
came off using a sheetrock trowel. It was a little fumie but it was
okay. Like most things, it was pretty easy once you found the right