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Default -google_groups- Two Faucets in Shower? Still Legal?

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George wrote:
We are remodeling our bathroom and I want the "old fashioned" two
faucets: one for hot and the other for cold.

Both the plumber and the plumbing supply company say that two faucets
have been declared illegal and that we must, by law, use the one
faucet (for both hot and cold) in the shower. They say that the
legislature mandated one faucet in case someone flushed the toilet and
somebody else is taking a shower.

Anti scald has been a requirement for some time. If you look at how they
do it it is really simple to do implement in a single handle valve.

Also if there are older folks or young children or even a sleepy you it
is impossible to blast yourself with hot water turning on a single
handle faucet.

I wouldn't have anything but single handle faucets anywhere in the
house. The are just so much easier to use.

Suppose you're the 5th person taking a shower that morning,
and the hot water from the heater is only luke-warm.

Does the mechanism allow you to turn it to 100% from the

Or, suppose you want to fill a bucket with 100% really-hot
water, and you want to get the water from the shower.
Perhaps the protect-the-human faucet will impede you from
doing that?


PS: yes, with low pressure, a flushed toilet can be
a hot experience indeed.

Although with a regular toilet, with a tank, just
how much water per minute is coming in

Now, those powerful pressure-flush toilets (admitting that
I have no idea how they work), being on the same
cold-water-line as that could sure get someone
burned while in the shower!