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Default OT NewsProxy install

Despite the excellent FAQ's that David has posted to assist, I've been
unable to make the NewsProxy work for me. I need a look at my setup to see
if I'm missing something.
I moved from Japan to Hawaii and got, at last, a highspeed connection. I now
download the entire message from newsgroups instead of just the headers. As
a result, I want to filter the junk.
I think I followed the guidance David provided, but...
I followed the 5 steps:
1. download/install
2. used the startup to load the newsproxy
3. looked up my server and checked for the 119
4. edited the server name and cut/paste the edited filters from the FAQ.
5. saved filter file.

Unfortunately, no luck.

Config file is set as follows:
General Tab:
Filter Name: nfilter.dat
Header Batch size: 100
Check on box for listen immediately on startup
Network Tab:
Server name:
Server Port 119 Timeout 120
Listen Port 119, no check in the box
Forgery Flood Tab
nothing checked
Message Headers Tab
check on Enable Cancel Locks
secret key has 7 characters

Main Screen, View Tab, dropped articles has nothing listed (following a

Main Screen, Messages is empty
Main Screen, Status
Active tasks: 1
1. Active listening to port 119

Appreciate your review of the above and advice on settings.

Jack Carey

** How to use Nfilter to filter out Trolls and other useless crap **

I have been using the wreck for years now, and I finally broke down and

to start using filters due to a recent troll attack.

1. Download & install NewsProxy from
Basic instructions are at

2. Copy the "NewsProxy" shortcut from - C:\Program Files\NewsProxy\
To - C:\WINDOWS\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp\
[Modify this to suit your OS. I'm running win98SE.]

3. Start OE. Right click on your news folder (not rec.ww - you want the

news folder) and select Properties. Select the Server tab. Copy
the information from the Server Name box. Enter "localhost" (without

quote marks) in the Server Name box. Select the Advanced tab and
make sure that News(NNTP): is set to 119. Click OK.

4. In NewsProxy. Select Edit | Configuration | Network tab. In Server

or IP Number paste the information from Server Name you copied
in step 3. Click OK. Select Edit | Filters. Copy the following 6

the bottom of the file & be sure not to leave any blank lines.

rec.woodworking drop xref:*rec.pets*
rec.woodworking drop xref:*:*:*:*
rec.woodworking drop from:*puppy*
rec.woodworking drop from:*Al Kyder*
rec.woodworking drop from:*LoxFather*
rec.woodworking drop from:*bwa*ha*ha*
rec.woodworking drop subject:******
rec.woodworking drop subject:*cocksuck*
rec.woodworking drop subject:*sharpton*

You should be able to see from those examples how to add additional

drop messages with certain words in the subject or from specific users.

you have any questions, please reply to this message.

Save and close the file.

5. If you are running a firewall like ZoneAlarm you will need to enable
NewsProxy to function as a server.

I am working on some additional rules, if anyone has any to add, please

me know.

A special thankyou to Art, AKA the Wood Butcher for his help installing
Nfilter, It works, go get it and install it now.