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Default Postable Digital TV's?

aemeijers wrote:

You don't have aluminum siding, metal shingles, or old plaster walls
with expanded metal lath, do you? Sounds like you are living in a
Faraday cage! Just for giggles, I'd try using the rabbit ears on a
coax extension hung out a window on the side of the house facing the
transmitters. That would tell you if there is something about your
house that makes a difference, or if height is the only issue, to get
above a hill or building that is in the way. Cincinnati is pretty
hilly- are you sure there is actual line of sight from your place to
the antenna farm? Even a low hill can cast a long shadow.

aem sends...

LOL, I keep forgetting about not putting the antenna in my Faraday cage!

Drywall, fiberglass insulation and cedar siding and I'm atop the biggest
hill around. With the antenna outside I get digital and HD digital that
is to die for. I was just curious how things were working out for
everyone else.