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Default Sue HOA when home value declines

On Oct 1, 10:22 am, "Reggie Dunlop" slap@shot wrote:
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"[LONGMONT, Colo] A Longmont couple has turned the legal tables on their
homeowners' association - suing it not for being too overbearing with
rules enforcement but for being too lax. [Plaintiffs] complain in their
suit that houses around them feature architectural inconsistencies, lawns
are choked with weeds and construction projects are allowed to go on
longer than the association covenants allow."

What ever happened to the good old days when men settle disagreements with
their fists instead of running to Mommy?

Are all the disagreements between men? If one of the parties is a
are they still supposed to "settle disagreements with their fists"?
Instead of
law & order (as unevenly administered as it frequently is)do you
returning to "macht macht recht" = might makes right as they used to
in Nazi Germany?

That's why we have wars; men need them. The most powerful men in
countries "x" and "y" got
there by "might makes right", and keep on using conflict instead of
resolution. Millions of young men have lost their lives or health
because they
were never taught to negotiate instead of fighting.