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Default Checking for Termites

JohnR66 wrote:
I was vacuuming behind a sofa when I noticed chipping paint on the
window sill apron. I put the vacuum hose up to it and to remove the
loose paint and it revealed a tunnel in the wood about 3/16" wide -
pretty much termite sized. I have to explore further. I did inspect
in the craw space and saw nothing.

What are good methodes to self check for an infestation or past
damage? I was hit with a large bill and I'm not quite ready to afford
the pros now.
Are there any good treatments available the homeowner can use?

None I know of. Drywood termites are generally destroyed via tenting the
house and gassing. Subterranean ones - the most destructive - by injection
into slab/ground of special chemicals.

A tunnel 3/16 seems rather large for termites; additionally, I think it
unlikely that there would be only one as they'll riddle wood rather quickly.
Drywood termites live within the wood and create multiple "tunnels".

For drywood termites, look for droppings...they look like little piles of
dark brown, fine sawdust. For subterranean ones, walk around your house and
look for mud tunnels coming up from the ground and attached to the house.
The subterranean termites live in the ground and use the tunnels to go to
and fro from the food source (wood in house) if there is no wood directly in
ground contact.



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