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Default Bailout (politics)

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Norminn wrote:

Blaming Pelosi is idiotic ... neither party wants "blame" for voting
either way (shades of WMD)

She did not exactly cover herself in statesman-like glory. Most
people know that the time to excoriate and blame is AFTER the votes are
safely counted, not before. Doubt it really made any difference in the
vote itself, but it might cause hard feeling for round 2.
Interesting that almost the same %age of GOP-types voted FOR the
package as Dem types voting AGAINST it. Bipartisan outlook on both sides
of the question.

There probably aren't three people in Congress who really understand the
ramifications of
what they are to vote on, but the overnight markets are making it pretty

Yep. Trended down, got oversold in the new environment and then
started going back up. Futures in the US are looking up. Just like no
tree ever grows to the sky, no stock market falls to zero.