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Default Bailout (politics)

On Sep 30, 2:12*am, "SteveB" toquerville@zionvistas wrote:
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The damned republicans are playing games.
McCain had to rush back to DC and it did nothing, except to block the
He's making calls to House memebers and they don't listen to him.
Looks like he's ineffective.
Meanwhile, the public is getting screwed - - same old thing.

Yeah, he should have signed the bill that would have given millions to ACORN
and other Democratic political agencies. *That would have showed them.


Let's see, McCain came back to Washington and so did Obama. Seems
being Senators and their parties candidates for President, that is
exactly where they should be when this important debate was going
on. Harry Reid even held a press conference last week and demanded
that McCain go on record stating his position on the bailout, because
without him, the Democrats would not act.

So, he goes to Washington, and now, according to the Dems, it's
supposed to be a bad thing. Had he not returned to Washington,
they'd be saying he doesn't get it and doesn't give a damn.

BTW, for a look at a real class act, take a look at the speach Speaker
Pelosi gave in the House yesterday just before the vote on the
bailout. After everyone from both parties tried to put together a
plan that could get passed and thought they just barely had the votes,
Pelosi gave a vitriolic paritsan speach on the floor of the House,
blaiming the whole sub-prime situation on Bush and the Repulicans.
This from the woman who proclaimed a new era of bi-partisanship when
she became Speaker. Clearly she figured she would play politics and
if the whole thing went down the drain and took the economy with it,
she'd just blame that on the Republicans too.

If you want to see what she actually said, here it is. Ask yourself
if this is the speach of a patriotic American leader in a time of
crisis or a rabble rousing partisan bitch: