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Default Bailout (politics)

This is NOT
If I want to read about politics, I'll go to a newsgroup with the word
POLITICS in the group name. Although we have an election coming soon,
and serious problems in the country, why does EVERY newsgroup have to
have posts about politics? Newsgroups were given a name for a reason.
Stop abusing, and learn how to behave properly on
usenet. A google search for the word "netiquette" will help.

Buy a vowel.
Get a clue.
Get a life.

Learn how to use your computer or take it back to the store. There are all
sorts of arrows and functions that let you go around this stuff.

If you don't, it's the intellectual equivalent of coming up on a pile of dog
**** on the sidewalk, getting down on your knees, smelling it, and tasting
it with your index finger.

You see the subject. You see the usual suspect in the From column. And
then you open it and bitch.

If you don't have the common sense to go around it, you probably eat a lot
of dog **** in the real world, too.

HTH, but I doubt it.