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Default Bailout (politics)

On Sep 27, 10:11*am, Nate Nagel wrote:
Stormin Mormon wrote:
Exactly! Let the market adjust itself. But in the meantime, quit passing
legislation that coerces banks to write loans to unreliable people.

yes that is one point that I see people glossing over. *they blame
Republicans for allowing deregulation (which is fair) but they also need
to blame to some extent those on both sides of the aisle those who
supported legislation that encouraged "increased homeownership" among
those who wouldn't have been qualified under the "old rules" - when the
"old rules" were what kept the housing market stable. *So of course the
financial institutions were playing hot potato with those loans, they
knew that they sucked and so should we have.


If everyone at these institutions knew so much, why did they get stuck
holding the sub-prime loans. For example, if they knew the loans
were going to go into default, Lehman Bros and Bear Stearns could have
sold them all off to less sophisticated buyers.