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Default Can someone explain what this means to me?

On Aug 20, 6:03*pm, John Wheeler wrote:
I greatly appreciate the feedback. This woudn't be something anyone
added later, as I purchased the home new and have only had it for
three years.

I contacted a structural engineer, and he is coming out tomorrow to
take a look. I read him the inspection report, and he said over the
phone that often times what happens is that the builder uses stud
walls as reinforcements while building the porch, and that it wouldn't
be any big deal. I am hoping that is the case.

I'd say you are on the right track. If the engineer tells you that
it's improper construction and needs a footer, then I would
immediately contact the warranty company. As you stated earlier,
structural defects are covered for 10 years and if they did not place
a foundation of any type where it is required, that certainly should
be covered. Make sure you have good pictures of the area in question.

As someone else pointed out, you probably aren't going to get a
resolution from the warranty company before the closing. This is how
I would handle it. If the engineer confirms there is a problem,
contact the buyer and tell them you want to work with them to solve
it. Suggest that you pick 3 contractors that are acceptable to both
of you and get quotes to fix it. Then, based on the quotes, see if
you can get the buyer to take a discount to cover it. If they won't
agree to that, then I'd probably proceed to have it fixed myself, if
it can be done quick enough within the terms of the sales contract.

Keep good records and then if you're lucky, you'll recover from the
warranty company. I'd also read the warranty terms about any
conditions relating to who has to do the work, procedures for claims,