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Default Can someone explain what this means to me?

John Wheeler wrote:
Thanks for the information Tom. Unfortunately, I don't have the
fortune of living in this house much longer. I am relocating due to
job, so my house is pending sale. This is one of the items the
inspector advised the buyer should be fixed before moving forward with
the contract.

That being said, I am trying to be as proactive as possible about
fixing it. I've been reading my home warranty which provides 10-year
structural, as I think is relatively common. There is one clause that
bothers me about the items excluded, and it might or might not be a
big deal. Specifically it says:

Basement and other interior floating, ground supported concrete slabs.


First thing I'd do is get down there and look at what the guy is talking

It sounds like somebody else posted an add-on structural support to
stiffen a porch floor, but it's not possible to know that for sure from
what was written there w/o seeing it.

If, indeed, that's all the problem is it shouldn't take much to replace
it w/ a shorter wall supported on a short pier--even blocking could
possibly satisfy the inspector--you'd need to ask.

As for the home warranty, the clause you guote isn't applicable as there
is no slab in question.

The question is whether the structural problem noted is original or
added later and therefore its correction could possibly be covered.

I'd pursue them vigorously to attempt to get a resolution on it if the
potential buyer is adamant about getting it repaired rather than getting
an allowance.

As others also noted, often these items are negotiated w/ an allowance
for future repair costs. This one shouldn't be a real deal breaker
unless the buyer is looking for a way out.