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Default Electrical Outlets Seem to be Blown but not the Fuse

Jeffy3 wrote:
I am not at home but my wife called today, said when using wet/dry vac
in our basement the outlet seemed to blow as the vac stopped working.
She also said that two other outlets in the basement aren't working
now. None of them are GFI outlets. The weird thing is that no fuse
was blown (we don't yet have circuit breakers, still have a fuse
box). In fact, the outlets are on the same fuse as the ceiling lights
and they are working just fine. Is it possible to blow out a series
of electric outlets? I will be calling an electrician tomorrow but
like to be somewhat knowledgeable when dealing with repair guys so I
don't get taken !

Easy fix if your hand fits a screwdriver.

Find the outlet with the stabbed-in connector that's no longer making
contact. Replace.

You should be out for less than $2.00 (not counting gas).