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On Tue 29 Jul 2003 08:53:04p, "___ Bob ___" wrote
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I just got a response back from David Marks' son from an e-mail I sent
him in early June of 2002 !! !! !! I was asking for some details on
the aluminum miter sled he uses .. .. the 14 month delayed response was
that the PLANS for the jig are ON SALE on his website .. .. .. I DON'T
THINK SO !! !! !!

If you're talking about his site at , click on the
link for WoodWorks television show. Looks like the plans for the crosscut
sled and the miter sled are both there. There's no picture so I can't be
certain it's the same miter sled, but I'm guessing it is. :-)

I AM NOT PARANOID .. .. .. but EVERYONE thinks I am !! !! !!

Sorry Bob, can't help you there. The little voices told me not to.