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Default Graf - Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits - File 01 of 14 - Graf - Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits - Vol 1.pdf (01/68)

Dave wrote:

"YD" wrote in message
flipper wrote:

On Fri, 2 May 2008 23:40:16 -0500, "Dave"


Just out of curiosity, why does the pdf contained in the

attachment to this message give me an error when I try to open it
with Adobe Acrobat Reader (8.0, I think)? File corrupted and
could not be read, or some such. Am I doing something wrong?
I've got time on my hands, and was going to just download the
bunch one at a time.

Well, you can download 'the bunch' one at a time but you can't
save/read them one at a time because they're 'parts' of a pdf
file, not a pdf file themselves.

The message you're replying to is "Graf - Encyclopedia of
Electronic Circuits - File 01 of 14 - Graf - Encyclopedia of
Electronic Circuits - Vol 1.pdf (01/68)." Note the ending
(01/60). That means it's part 1 of a file that, all totaled,
takes 60 parts to make up. Each 'part' is a separate USENET
message. (This rather cryptic methodology developed because
USENET was not originally intended for transmitting binary files)

To get the file you have to download all parts and combine the
parts into one. Then you can save the reconstructed file.

Outlook Express is not a very good reader for doing binaries but
it can combine them nonetheless. Select all the parts then right
(or from the menu -- MESSAGE) and choose "Combine and Decode." Make
sure all parts are in order in the window that pops up, then click

Most, if not all, 3'rd party news readers will do that
automatically and if you would like to take advantage of USENET
binaries I suggest you get one, like Xnews or Gravity (both free)
or a pay for reader.



"Andy Cap" wrote in message

Xananews (free) works fine, you just have to tell it which parts to
decode and combine, after you have them downloaded. Grabit
Newsreader (also free) will identify and assemble them all by its
own little self, but it's a bit of a hassle using it directly so I
grab the nzb from

- YD.

WOW! Thank you for that link. I had no idea such a place existed.
I guess everything's out there, if you know where to look.... Man.
Much appreciated.

BTW, I am guessing I can use Grabit on nzb files I get from there?
Or am I off on the wrong track again?

Thank you


Sure. All you need is an account in a binaries server. You can rustle
up some free ones in, but they tend to be flaky
and have short retention. I subscribe to Forte's APN service, at 3
bucks/mo for 5 gigs it's worth it. After all the files there's still
enough credit for more pr0n than you can shake a mouse at.

- YD.