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Default Removing Oven Door

Ian wrote:
In order to get the city to pick up my old oven (Jennair built-in
unit) I need to remove the door.

I know it requires some sort of lifting maneuver but I can't seem to
get it.

Doesn't matter - the city won't pick it up anyway.

The city won't get the chance!

The urban faeries will get it before the city can put on their boots. Same
with water heaters, refrigerators, junked cars, whatever.

These untouchables make a passable living, evidently, prowling the streets
looking for scrap metal.

My city has an ordinance that before they'll pick up a refrigerator it has
to have a notice that the refrigerant has been removed in a safe,
non-polluting, recoverable manner by a certified technician ordained by Al
Gore himself. I asked the head of Solid Waste Disposal (not the police
department, the other one) how many refrigerators they pick up a year and he
said about a hundred or so.

This in a city of two million.