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Default Replace toilet base

Yes you could use RTV sealant like Speedy Jim said and then go back later
after the RTV sealant fails and do the whole job over again.


"Speedy Jim" wrote in message
. ..


For the closet flange it looks similiar to what I have with the tube
part that goes into the drainage at 4 inches wide and the whole part
is 3.5 inches height.
Do I need any silicone when I put it in? And if I need the tube part
that connects to drainage what kind of silicone do I use?

The first one with the rubber seal at the bottom doesn't need any

The plastic fittings are normally "solvent welded" using a special
glue. For the black plastic, it is ABS cement. Silicone sealant (RTV)
*could* be used, but it's not a recognized method.

The flange should be anchored to the floor, if possible.