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Default Embarrassing but true

Pdk Pdk wrote:
This absolutely is a true problem that I have and desperately need
I park my car off-street (no garage) as parking is very limited
in our area. SInce spring began, the local birds have been using my
side view mirrors as toilets.
Each day when I go to work, I find that about half of each door
beneath the mirror is absolutely caked in white bird poop (stands out
very much on my navy-blue car).
I mean it's absolutely caked on! As if two dozen birds had
moved their bowels in that same spot! The birds actually sit on the
mirror, and poop onto the cardoor. The rest of the car is untouched.
Today I actually caught one bird sitting on the side-mirror
taking a dump onto the car!
I know this is funny, but going to the car-wash before work
every morning (sometimes twice a day) is becoming expensive not to
mention time-consuming.
I've parked the car here for years and never had this problem
until this year. Any idea what is up and how to keep the birds

No, but count your blessings. In a town near me a bunch of turkey vultures
have taken to roosting in trees over the street. They not only poop all
over the cars below but they have taken to eating rubber gaskets (around the
windows) and the like on the cars which makes them ill and they then barf
all over the cars too.

Buzzard poop and barf...a double edged sword



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