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Default Black & Decker CMM1000 5HP cordless lawn mower battery service

"Joseph Meehan" wrote in message
It appears it is a lead acid battery. I found one for $119.00 Check

I suggest you remove it, check the acid level and you should be able to
have an auto parts store check it out for you.

Just out of curiosity how old is your battery? I just bought one of
those mowers this year. I have not peeked at the battery yet.

Thank you, Joseph.

We got this mower is around 1998 from Home Depot. They no longer have it.
Can you tell me where you purchased your battery?
Can you post a picture?
Is this battery sealed?

Also, I am unable to unscrew to remove to sharpen the blade.
Can you tell me I should turn the nut counter-clockwise to unscrew, correct?