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On Apr 22, 12:45*pm, My Name wrote:
Hey Guys -
Long time no post (I mean REAL long time).
Got a pool question - of sorts. *Given the high cost of electricity here in
the northeast, I was thinking or running my pool filter motor at night to
get the off-peak rates. *So, my question - Is my family going to swim in
emerald green water all summer as a result? *Has anyone thought of doing

5 year old pool in Phoenix AZ. Pool builder's startup guy set the
timers to run at night, left them that way ever since. Never a green
pool. Well, other than the fact that the Pebble Tec finish is green.

Speaking of electric rates, the local utility, Salt River Project,
just sent around a letter announcing their new rate plan. Used to be,
they had 2 rate periods - Winter (NOV-APR) and Summer (MAY-OCT).
Summer air conditioning season, of course was higher. They have now
added a third rate period, Peak Summer (JUL-AUG). That's when the
temperatures here hit 110 or more. I can hardly wait to see what my
Peak Summer electric bill looks like.