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Default Going back to candlelight

beadsbyIrene wrote:

It's funny. CFL's were invented to save enery. I've had horrible
results with the floods. The longest lasting being 8 month.

We've only had one fail in over two years, so the jury is still out for us.
If they keep failing at that rate I'll be unhappy, but if it's only an
occasional bad apple I can live with that.

saved the defective ones for a trip to the dump. However, the dump is
over 20 miles each way. With gas at 3.44 a gallon, what am I saving
by using CFL's?

Is there a hazardous waste collection point closer than that? If they go
into the garbage they should be wrapped up in multiple layers of plastic,
however in some areas it's now illegal to put them in the trash. I have no
problem keeping them for our annual trip to the toxic collection site with
old cans of paint or pesticide or whatever we have along those lines.