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Default Going back to candlelight

When we first switched over we used CFLs for area lighting and some
incandescents in task lights, but even those have been replaced with CFLs
lately. We noticed a sharp drop in our electric bill as a result of using
CFLs, the only bug has been disposing of them when they do burn out but
our city now collects them at hazardous waste sites so we can save them in
a box in the garage and take them in once a year with whatever other toxic
stuff we have to get rid of, no big deal.

It's funny. CFL's were invented to save enery. I've had horrible results
with the floods. The longest lasting being 8 month. I've saved the defective
ones for a trip to the dump. However, the dump is over 20 miles each way.
With gas at 3.44 a gallon, what am I saving by using CFL's?