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Default Going back to candlelight

On Apr 18, 1:06*pm, wrote:
With these new compact florescent bulbs, we may as well all go back to
candle light. *I have lived with these damn CF bulbs in my garage for
several years. *I go in to get a tool, and have to stand for 5 minutes
waiting to be able to see what I'm doing. *I started carrying a
flashlight to use while these damn bulbs got up to full brightness.
That's when I realized I may as well just use the flashlight, or a
candle. *By the time these bulbs are bright enough to see anything I
am shutting them back off and leaving with my tools. *The other night
I finally had enough. *I replaced them with standard light bulbs. *Now
I am no longer living in the dark and wasting my life away waiting to
see. *Those CF bulbs might save energy, and might save me a few cents,
but the aggravation is not worth it. *Except for lights that remain on
for long periods of time, I will not be using CF bulbs any longer.

One other thing, these bulbs are advertised to outlast standard bulbs.
I have not found that to be correct. *None of them last any longer,
and many burn out sooner. *I did find that those that take the longest
to get up to normal brightness seem to last longer than those that get
bright sooner. *Either way, they are not practical except for security
lights that stay on for long periods of time, and their cost savings
are quickly used to replace these bulbs that cost 10 or more times the
cost of a standard bulb.

Old ones were not very good but what you state is completly opposite
of what is true now, I use about 50 of them indoors and out at several
locations up to -15f, the only ones slow to get bright are the flood
lights, this I am told is a heat design issue since they are enclosed.
Get a 25 watt unit, it equals 100w incandesant, but if you only go in
and out for a minute, incandesant may be best. A good review of cfls
is at One of the cheapest cfls is actualy
rated as good and maybe better at color rendition as compared to
incandesants pleasing effect. My opion is incandesants should be
taxed to $2.00 and cfls rebated to 1$.