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Default Question About TV Converter Boxes

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On 15 Apr 2008 16:14:42 GMT, Jim Yanik wrote:

AND,AFAIK,no converter now on the market can be programmed to turn
on and tune to a programmed channel;they have to be set up and left
ON until the program is over.

A lot of VCR/DVD recorders have a "blaster" that will send IR codes
to a set top box or converter.

But since the TV, VCR, DVD, cable box, each have unique codes, the
converter probably does too, and existing VCRs probably wouldn't know
the codes.

My Magnavox TB100MW9 DTVbox manual mentions using "set top box" codes used
by satellite or cable boxes to control the DTV converter,but a fairly new
(yr old) universal remote(non-"learning") I have would not talk to the DTV
box.Perhaps newer universals,particularly the more expensive ones,would
talk to the DTVboxes,and be programmable.

My much older Hitachi VCR has the "IR blaster" feature,but I have not yet
tried to use it to activate and control the DTV box.
I suspect it too will not talk to the DTVbox.

Jim Yanik