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On Wed, 16 Apr 2008 11:19:49 -0400, "Conner" wrote:

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On Apr 16, 10:04 am, Frank wrote:
Beware Allstate. My house was built in 1993 and met all building
codes at that time. Now I have wind damage and they will not cover
damage because the roof is not up to current code. We are simply
talking about the nailing strip on a single and its relationship with
the glue strip. I've had several roofers tell me that this is the way
roofs were put on at the time and the code has changed since. If this
is allowed then I'm not sure it pays to have insurance. I'm putting on
a new roof out of my pocket and leaving Allstate and will never return.

Wind can certainly peel off a roof, particularly if it isn't really
nailed down well. Our code is 6 nails per shingle, no staples.

I'm very aware of what wind can do. As I said, I have 30+ years in the
trades. I also live in the Midwest, which is frequented by tornadoes. I
also had many dealings with insurance, in contracting for damage
assessment. I've contracted on government jobs, which involves heavy
detailed specifications, including the size of a fastener head.

You'll note the OP complaining about paying for a _new_ roof. I've seen
this literally probably a hundred times. People think insurance is for
maintenance. I'd lay money on it, the roofers are telling the OP he needs
a new roof, and probably so, because of the age, not because of the

You are correct...I agree completely...