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Default Retaining Wall

John Gilmer wrote:
To a fair approximation, you have about 1,000 sq ft of "wall" you want
built. Your contractor has quoted a price of about $40/sq ft.

That seems a bit on the high side.

First step is to find the cost drivers. Possibilities a 1)
contractor greed in his hoping you don't get other bids; 2) cost of
materials; 3) basic cost of installation.


The likely problem here is 2) -- a real fieldstone is likely pretty
pricey compared to some options.

One thing you might look at is the "fake stone" veneer--there is some of
it now that looks just pretty doggone good and is a significant cost
factor cheaper and easier to install as well which will translate into
lower labor costs.

Again, a block wall w/ the veneer should be cheaper, too...