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Default Foundation for a shed

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On Tue, 15 Apr 2008 13:24:46 GMT, "desgnr" wrote:

I want to install a Rubbermaid Vinyl shed
6' X 4'
Should i put it on the ground or put it on a foundation ?
I want to use Pavers that are about 1 1/2" thick.
Should i put the pavers above the ground or dig them in at 1 1/2"
so they are level with the ground ?
Any other suggestions appreciated.

Water will run under if it's level, unless the ground slopes on all
sides. Those sheds are light and can blow over. If it were mine, I'd
pour a cement slab or make a floor out of treated wood with plywood
floor. Not only to keep out water and rodents, but also to weight it
down. On the other hand, you could get railroad ties, dig them in
about half their thickness, set shed on top, bolt it to them, and put
pavers on top of lawn or better yet apply 2 inches of sand or fine
gravel under them. You do not want water or rodents inside.

Why go to all the trouble to pour concrete, make a floor of whatever
composition, grade it, and go to all this work for a piece of plastic that
will not last or blow away with the first good gale?

Build a real shed.

Some two by fours, siding, and shingles won't cost much more, and will give
you a better shed than a little 4 x 6 locker.

What can you put in a 4 x 6 locker? I call it a locker, because it is too
small to put anything else in there unless, like collegians in a phone
booth, you want to just stack things in there like sardines, and have no
real utility at all when going to fetch an item.