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Default GE dishwasher: Getting to the pump assembly

On Apr 14, 6:34 pm, wrote:
On Apr 14, 10:53 am, wrote:

We have a 6 year old GE dishwasher (nothing fancy, just the basic
model) that has problems with rusty bits of rack getting into the
drain. I can clearly see bits of rust everywhere in the drain etc. We
also have problems with dishes not clean, spots etc. We want to
disassemble the pump and the drain, clean it out and re-assemble. The
way it's built, I can't remove the water spray arms from inside the
dishwasher and get to the pump from the inside (may be all dishwashers
are like this, I just didn't know that). I guess the only way is to
remove the kick plate and access the pump this way. Has anyone here
worked on a GE dishwasher and give me any tips on what to expect? The
manual doesn't have any assembly diagram. Any suggestions are


P.S: I have since got hold of new dishwasher racks so I won't be using
the rusty ones after this.

OP again. The model number is GSD2220F00BB. Does anyone know if it's
possible at all to remove the spray arm?

Bumping the thread. still looking for any suggestions.