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Default Foundation for a shed

On Apr 15, 9:24 am, "desgnr" wrote:
I want to install a Rubbermaid Vinyl shed
6' X 4'
Should i put it on the ground or put it on a foundation ?
I want to use Pavers that are about 1 1/2" thick.
Should i put the pavers above the ground or dig them in at 1 1/2"
so they are level with the ground ?
Any other suggestions appreciated.

In some localities, the foundation changes it from a temporary moveable
outbuilding to a permanent structure. If it is designated as a permanent
structure by resting on a foundation, it will fall within all the other
codes in order to comply. AND you may not be the one who makes this

If making a foundation constitutes a permanent structure, you can mount it
pretty solidly on railroad ties, and then do the floor with either
decomposed granite, or sack mix concrete divided by enough expansion joints
as to make each square a "decorative tile."

Be sure before you start, or they're gonna want more taxes and you'll have
to pay permits plus penalties, and the inspector will be your new friend.
Or not.