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Default Foundation for a shed

On Apr 15, 9:24 am, "desgnr" wrote:
I want to install a Rubbermaid Vinyl shed
6' X 4'
Should i put it on the ground or put it on a foundation ?
I want to use Pavers that are about 1 1/2" thick.
Should i put the pavers above the ground or dig them in at 1 1/2"
so they are level with the ground ?
Any other suggestions appreciated.

If you read up online about assembling a Rubbermaid shed, you'll find
that a flat and level surface makes assembly _much_ easier. I
installed one last year on a perimeter base of pavers with slate
pieces supporting the floor at assorted interior points. The pavers
should be partly buried, whether they're flush with the ground is up
to you and the local site conditions.