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On Apr 14, 7:17 am, Dottie wrote:
I am getting a new refrigerator today and will put the old one in the
garage. I would like to remove the old ice maker so I would have more
space in the freezer. Does anyone know how difficult this is?
(Frigidaire) And is it safe to just take it out? I mean, I assume
there won't be any wires left just dangling....but I don't know for
sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Information on the model would be best as there are website that offer
schematics that will show the installation and removal procedures for
appliance components. However on average the removal of the in
freezer ice maker mechanism is not too difficult providing you have
basic mechanical/tool knowledge. What you want to check for is post
removal openings that will allow outside air to enter the compartment
and reduce the efficiency of your unit. Post your Refrigerator make
and model and I'll try to find a web site for you.