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Default Ryobi string trimmer head not turning.

The head on my string trimmer won't turn with any power. I can stop
it with my finger. I removed the flex shaft and it appears to be
unbroken. I removed the shaft parts covering the clutch end of the
engine exposing a round metal part that the flex shaft fits into. I
tried to hold it while running the motor at high rpm and could not do
so which makes me think the clutch is okay. I also removed the head
assembly, exposing the part the flex shaft fits into. Inserted a
large screwdriver into the exposed hole the shaft fits into and tried
to hold it while manually rotating the head and could not so it
appears that part of the trimmer is okay. I've never worked on a
string trimmer before and am at a loss as to why it's not working.
It's a Ryobi 767 rj straight shaft trimmer. I'ts only a couple of
years old and I would hate to have to replace it so soon. Hopefully
someone can provide some insight. Thanks.