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Default Concrete Patio Deterioration

Scott wrote:
Any folks out there with concrete experience?

I've got a problem with my front porch.
There's a spot that looks like it's deteriorating.
My questions a
1. Have you seen this condition before?
2. What's causing it?
3. What do I need to do to fix it?

Pictures located he

Thank you!


Scott, it looks like you may have had a slab where they took the
forms off too soon and the edges cracked away, so they fixed it
by laying some portland or maybe sand mix over the crack and
troweling it smooth. Either that or the mix was bad, too wet, or
too old at those two points.

There is no real way to fix it, other than replacing it, or
capping the whole thing. There are some overlays that you could
put on that may work, but overlays depend on the concrete
underneath being sound. There are also some "concrete repair"
mortars that you could try, but I have not had good luck with
them, especially in appearance.

You might check here for some solutions:

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